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We build in the hearts and minds of men ‘a system of morality’


You don't need to know a Mason or be related to a Mason to join. Requirements for membership vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but generally if you're a man 21 or over, believe in a Supreme Being, are of good character and reputation, and ask to join, you're eligible.

We aren't allowed to recruit members -- we can't ask anyone to join, it's a rule. You have to be the one to ask.

To get started, email or call a local lodge. They would love to hear from you, every lodge welcomes new candidates. They'll set up a meeting to get to know you a bit (we're careful about who we admit as members). Also to tell you a bit about the fraternity, the lodge, etc.

To find your local lodges, first, find the Grand Lodge website for your state, province, or country. They should have a way to find out what lodges meet near you. Then check out your local lodge's websites. If you have a choice of lodges, try to pick one that meets on a weeknight that would be convenient for you, and that appears to be active.

Nothing happens quickly in Freemasonry, so it might take awhile to hear back from a lodge after you make contact. Every step takes quite a bit of time.

Have reasonable expectations. We don't secretly run the world and we don't have the Holy Grail in our basement. But if you join, you'll be part of a centuries-old brotherhood of virtuous men including presidents, kings, and philosophers, that is intertwined in history and does good works in your community.